Do you love marketing? If your answer is NO, then you are among 95% of the small business owners who have failed because they don’t care, just don’t know or don’t care to learn. Or are you amongst the many who believe it’s always someone else's job?


We are experiencing crazy times with businesses, they are closing left and right and I believe they could have been saved. Let’s change the way you view marketing making it your best friend and new business partner.


Join Audria Richmond in this brand new 3 part video series as she shares why marketing is no longer an optional skillset.


If you are fed up with your brand not getting attention, recognition, and predictable income, then it’s time for you to rake it up!


During this video series you will learn:


#1 Reason why most products & services fail at the start and how to avoid it.


Why lack of systems and processes is killing small businesses daily


How automation and tech is eating established business owners for lunch


How to develop a creative mindset for strategic profits


Why most websites are designed to fail


Why you should stop getting mad at social media algorithm changes and do this instead